Builder Boardroom 50 Hour Advanced Course

Our Owner-Builder to Pro Builder course is 32 hours: We know you learned a lot about building and now you can advance even more by upgrading to our most popular Pro Builder Course or our “Builder Boardroom Advanced 50+ Hour Course." 

It’s wise to learn before you build or buy a home. Now you can further your education with our advanced owner builder to pro builder education. You can build your dreams or learn how to build others' dreams for profit as a Professional Custom Home Builder.  

You can do it with our Owner-Builder Course. By advancing with confidence to our Professional Builder Courses you can become a Pro Builder or Building Consulting Contractor. Our professional Builder Boardroom Advanced 50 hour course and package. 40 hours in-class or online, plus onsite materials to keep well after the course is completed. This advanced Builder course comes with an optional on-site onsite visit. Our home study slide show program includes our detailed 8 hours of DVDs from soil test to lot selection to foundation make up. Concrete mix testing, quality pour, framing, roofing much more is all included ply my book Build Energy FFFREE Healthy Homes. This Course truly makes this offer worth it and lasts a lifetime! Advance in this course learn Quality Assurance Quality Controls, Phases of Construction and more

Upgrade from here to either the Pro Builder Course 550 hours for $4,995 or our most popular “Professional Builder and Professional Inspector Course” for $5,995. Enroll in our advanced class within 30 days of completion of 16, 32, or 50 hour owner builder course and we'll apply the last tuition paid for your wisdom. Learn more and advance to our next level course and advancing your education as a tuition paid credit.

Example 1: Pro Builder Pro & Inspector Course $5,995.00-1649.00 Builder Boardroom Course paid leave a balance of $4,346.00 to Become a Pro Builder & Pro Inspector.

Example 2: Owner Builder Standard Course $995.00 on completion advance up to the Pro Builder & Pro Inspector course $5,995-995.00 Balance $5,000.00.


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