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New Fast Track Homebuilding 
& Inspector Course Enrolling Now!
  Owner Builder to Builder Boardroom Advanced "Fast Track"

Tuesday, June 9th @ 6:30 -9:30 p.m.

Thursday, June 11th @ 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 13th @ 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Then the following week

Tuesday, June 16th, @ 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Thursday, June 18th, @ 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 20th,  @ 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Sunday, June 21st, @ 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

All students in class and webinar students are welcome to our
Graduation Luncheon,
Building Your Business Q & A and Custom Home On-Site Walk Through*

Builder Boardroom Course: in class only $1,095.00 Builders Guide included. Class plus add our popular Home study included all inclusive class + homestudy is Only $1,695. 

First 10 enrolled only $1,649.00*

      Webinar class $1,395.00 + Home study included!

Home study includes Four 2 hour DVDS taking you on site and demos in class on Soil Reports, Pad Building, 11 types of Foundations, Foundation make up, concrete, pour day, inspections, Framing, and True Energy Savings cutting utility bills by 70% and more in new home building naturally better than green.

Builders Guide 400 plus pages, diagrams do’s and don’ts, Build Energy FFFREE Healthy Homes Text book, Teachers Notes of class, Estimating Guide, and 1 year access on E Books 24/7 slide shows, Step by Step building from Start up to Final 3500 plus captioned slides to help you “BUILD ON A SOLID FOUNDATION” with Education 1st with quality assurance & control management know How.

Course + Home Study Package
All students in class and webinar students are welcome to our 
Graduation Luncheon,
  Building Your Business Q & A and Custom Home On-Site Walk Through*

Call 281-558-4100 for details and Enrollment

Call 281-558-4100 for details and Booking!
Whether You're Buying a Home, Hiring a Builder, Building it Yourself, or Desiring Advancement to a New Career as a Builder or a Professional Inspector  "It's Wise to Learn First"




Almost 10 long years ago, I took your 6 week course along with my son Tom from July 28, - Sept. 3, 1998 just prior to retiring early in 1999 from a chemical plant in Beaumont.  I had done some remodeling work on several buildings in the Chicago area when I was young and always had the dream of building my own home with my own two hands.  Your course gave me the education, the final inspiration and most importantly the peace of mind during the actual construction that I could really do it myself and I did.  Thank you.


We bought 10 acres in a restricted neighborhood called Rolling Hills Estates up in Burke, Texas just this side of Lufkin and I built in the center of the property.  I first built a 1,368 S.F. workshop with temporary living quarters above, then a 3,500 S.F. house with a 2,250 S.F. basement and an 864 S.F. attached 3 car garage.  Finally I built a 400 S.F. barn to house the tractor and riding mowers.


I vent skinned both the workshop and the house and used Tech Shield on both the roof and exterior walls of each.  Also I used fir 2x4's for all studs, Pella windows and doors all around, 1-1/8" T&G plywood sub floors, ridge vents and all the many other things you taught.


One of the nice things about building this far from Houston is that the only construction permit I needed was from Angelina County to install the aerobic waste water unit.


Our electric bill averaged $214 a month (1,731 KW/mo. avg) for the last 12 months and the propane cost averaged $99 a month over the last 14 months running 2 water heaters in the house and 1 in the workshop.


Over the last 10 years I have continually mentioned your name and recommend Builder's Academy whenever some one new comes to visit and complement our home and we start discussing my experience with building this house.  I always give you the credit for the solid foundation.  I can still remember the fun both my son Tom and I had in your classes back in 1998; you sure made a good impression on us both.  You are one great teacher.  And I can say that building our dream home was the most fun I ever had in my entire life with many thanks to you for helping to make it come out successfully.   


So thank you, thank you and thank you again. 



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There's no better time to consider building your own home. Interest rates remain low and you can still take advantage of favorable construction costs. If you are among the thousands of people that are ready to take the plunge into home-ownership, Builder's Academy, Inc. is here to help you to learn how to go it on your own

Builder's Academy was founded in 1994 by Bryon A. Parffrey on a single premise: To help people just like you to "Build on a Solid Foundation®" of knowledge and understanding. Bryon's vision of teaching regular people - to build their own dream homes has enabled thousands of owner-builders to achieve their goal of home ownership. Further, these owner-builders often enjoy the instant equity that comes from saving supervision costs and builder's fees.

Don’t think that you can do it? Think again.
We have taught literally thousands of people from every walk of life to build their own dream home. If you are willing to do your part, Builder’s Academy is here to introduce you to the exciting and rewarding world of being an Owner-Builder. Many of our graduates have even gone on to pursue their dreams and become Professional Home Builders.
Builder's Academy has a series of education materials and programs that will help home-buyers, home builders or professional builders learn the fundamentals of quality home construction. Before buying or building or hiring a builder our clients and students have saved thousands by learning first at the Builder's Academy. Invest in an education before you make the biggest investment of your life. Invest in an education that will pay you back in wise purchasing and quality building choices you'll make throughout your life. Many of the Builder's Academy education materials are directed to those interested in becoming an owner builder. However, the material presented in these courses are valuable for not only those wishing to become an owner builder, but for those interested in owning a home, selling a home, inspecting a home, or becoming a professional home builder. Be wise, learn before you build or buy.

We offer several courses and programs
1 Day Owner-Builder Course Build Energy FFFREE Helathy Homes "FFFREE"(9 hrs in-class)
           "Fast Track - One day - Saturday Course"
Our 9-hour course highlights the most important aspects of what constitutes a quality built home. This course gives a general overview of the whole building process from financials, legal aspects, Site Selections, Surveys, Plans, Soil Reports, Foundations, Frames, Roofing, Energy Efficiency and more.This course is beneficial to the new home buyer, real estate professionals, home-inspectors, owner-builders, and builders. In this course you’ll get an intensive education in developing an eye for identifying homes that are built with structural integrity and that incorporate energy efficient design.  Learn before you invest in the largest investment most people will make in their lives, their own home. Our one day class can get you started on the right foot. Invest in an education that will pay you back time and time again throughout your life. This Must Know before you build or Buy class meets from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.  Call for Class dates, times, and locations.
TREC approved for MCE and CE credit
Intermediate Owner-Builder Course (16 hrs in class)
           "Become an Owner-Builder Course"
This course is must for anyone that is interested in hiring a builder or building themselves. Before you sign the contract, learn what that contract says about your relationship between the builder and you. If you're building yourself, learn about the process from paperwork to move-in. We at the Builder's Academy believe you should "Learn before you build or buy"  
Includes: 2 hours of  DVDs orVHS tapes on Foundations.
              2 hours of  DVDs or VHS tapes on Framing.
              2 hours of DVDs or VHS tapes on Energy Efficiency.
              Class handouts and more!
 Standard Owner Builder Course (30 Hrs in-class, 2 Hrs on-site, plus 6 hrs video DVDs or VHS) 

              "Mastering the owner builder process"

 Our popular course for those who want to truly learn home building and become directly involved in the building process,  See what’s included with the course and review the course outline! Follow the link above to the Standard Owner-Builder Course page.  “Build on a Solid Foundation” with Your Education 1st, it’s a Wise Investment!

  • 30 hours Builders Academy Homebuilding Course (6 weeks) 
  • 2 hour On-site Showcase home 
  • 2 hour Foundation Video 
  • 2 hour Framing Video
  • 2 hour Energy Efficiency Video (all 3 Videos/DVDs are included with class reg. retail $249.) * DVDS add 25.00
  • Consumer & Builders 500 page do’s and don’ts spec drawing recommendations Guide 
  • Cost Controls and Price Guide for the first 5 enrolled 
  • Final Exam & Review (optional)
  • Graduation Certificate 
  • MCE or CE credits

BE WISE ENROLL! Save Thousands, and make 100K or more like past graduates are after this 6 week course! Two students just made $346,000 in 6 months building and selling to homes, after this 6 week course!  Invest in your Education, It’s a wise investment in building on a solid foundation!

This course covers important and more extensive details concerning foundation make-up, energy efficiency, and techniques in vent skinning a home. This  course is for the Owner-Builders that wish to be on-site for much of the building operation and oversee important structural building processes and be able to identify critical aspects of proper foundation, framing and energy efficiency processes that go into a quality built home. 
Advanced Owner-Builder to Builder Boardroom Course (39 hr in-class, 2 on site training classes, 6 hr On-site, or 8 hrs video , 5000 slide show, Estimating class, Luncheon and more) 
"Builder's Boardroom Advanced Course"
This course is designed for those who are really serious about taking control of their building project.
An Exclusive course for those who what to truly learn home building and become directly involved in the  building process.

For exceptional owner-builder training and a great introduction into the building profession, enroll in our advanced Owner-Builder Training course and enter the exciting world of Custom Home Building

  • 30 hours in-class Builders Academy Course (6 weeks)
  • 3 hours Estimating
  • 3 hour On-site Experience home under construction
  • 3 hour On-site Showcase home inspection
  • 2 hour Foundation Video
  • 2 hour Framing Video
  • 2 hour Energy Efficiency Video
  • Builder's Academy "New Construction" Slide Presentation (1 year access  to 2400 slides)
  • Builder's Academy "Inspector's Watch" Slide Presentation (1 year access to 1100 slides)
  • 300 plus hours in home study 8 hours in DVDS, added guides and books, and slide show to study and review
  • Consumer & Builders Guide
  • Teacher's Notes
  • Official BA Pen
  • Official BA Calculator
  • Cost Controls and Price Guide
  • Final Exam & Review
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Graduation Luncheon at Royal Oaks Country Club  added Q and A and Showcase home tour 
Advanced Course is limited to 20 CEO/Executive OWNER/BUILDER Trainees; Class will be in an Executive Conference style Board room.  For advanced Owner-builder training and a great introduction into the building profession, enroll in our advanced Owner-Builder Training course and enter the exciting world of Custom Home Building. 
We cover important and more extensive details concerning foundation make-up, energy efficiency, and techniques in Energy Efficiency. This Advanced course is for the Owner-Builders that wish to be on-site for much of the building operation and oversee important structural building processes and be able to identify critical aspects of proper foundation, framing and energy efficiency components essential to a quality built home.
Class 1: Making Sense and Building Wise
Introduction - You, your builder, and owner builders
Who's Involved & Hiring a contractor
Plans & Specifications (Architect Guest Speaker*)
Soil Reports: Expansive soils, sand, gumbo
Bank Package (Banker Guest Speaker*)

Class 2: Build on Paper First
Insurance & Legal "Liens" (Guest Speaker*)
Site Preparation, Surveys, and Flood Controls
Permits & Inspections Quality Assurance and Control
Deed Restrictions & Estimates
Design Principles & Lot Selection

Class 3:Foundations -Quality Assurance-/Quality Control
Foundation Layout and batter boards
Pads and testing
Foundation 11 Types and Make-up, Steel, concrete, and more

Class 4: Foundations
Perimeter Wall, Pier & Beam, Pilings, Poles, and more
Sill Plates & Span Table
Knee Walls & Sub Floors

Class 5: Carpentry
Wall Framing: Wood or Steel Framing
Barrier Free Techniques, ADA
Roof Framing, Roof Decking, & Cornice
Proper Stair Construction
Class 6: Curb Appeal
Doors & Windows, Including Demos
Exterior Siding: Fiber Cement, Cedar,
Vinyl, Stucco, Masonite, Brick Veneer,
Stone, and Culture Stone
Class 7: AC and Heating
Master Licensed Professional (Guest Speaker*)
2.5-3 hours. Lecture and Demo’s

Class 8: Electrical
Electrical by Master Licensed Tradesman
(Guest Speaker*) 2.5-3 hours. Lecture and Demo’s

Class 9: Plumbing
Plumbing by Master Licensed Tradesman
(Guest Speaker*) 2.5-3 hours. Lecture and Demo’s

Class 10: Energy Savings and Roofing
Insulation Methods for Hot, Humid Climates
Obtain “True Energy $avings”
Passive Solar Energy $avings, Radiant Barriers
Single vs. Double Pane Windows
Vent Skin Construction, Fiberglass and
Cellulose Insulation
Roofing Types; Applications, Materials & Ventilation 
Drywall\Sheetrock and backer board,
Doors, Trim, Cabinets Counters, Paint,
Staining, Floor and Window Coverings,
Fireplaces, Flatwork, Pavers, Stamped Concrete,
Final Grade, Clean-up, Fences, Decks,
Well, Septic, and more
Class 11: 3 hr Estimating-Pricing Course
Class 12  On-site Visits (to be announced)
Saturday Luncheon Q & A for
Advanced Course Builder Boardroom
Professional Apprenetice Builder Program
We teach you using a combination of written curriculum, video slide presentations, discussions, lectures and more. We will introduce you to local construction experts – including lawyers, inspectors, architects and others. This course will to give you the inside ‘scoop’ on how the business works and what you need to do to be ready for it. Graduates receive 1-hour consultation with a professional builder concerning their own building project. TREC approved for 18 hours of MCE and CE credit.



Owner Builder Course Home-Study(correspondence)
      "Become an Owner-builder-Distance Learning, 33-hour course"
If you want to learn at your own pace and review the materials at your leisure, then our Official Home-Study Course may be your best choice. This unique package includes the materials that are presented in our 30 hr in-class course and includes our exclusive videos, guides, slide shows, support and more! The DVD’s (or VHS Tapes) are included and are yours to keep. You’ll get 6-months of access to our annotated slide show with over 5000 slides showing details and issues from lot soil testing, pads foundations, foundations types explained and shown, framing slides, wind strapping, roofing and True Energy Savings. As a bonus, we give you our own vent skinning details and more. The home study also includes the 500 page consumer guide, class notes, 6 hours of DVDs and 5000 slide Ebook covering all topics covered in our in-class course. Graduates receive 1-hour consultation with builder concerning their own building project.
Professional Builder Apprentice Program (550 hrs, 70 hrs in-class, 20 hrs on-site)
    "I want to Be a Builder Course"
If you want to become a builder, this is the course for you. Our extensive professional home-builder education program will teach you how to can become a home builder. You will learn home building from the ground-up. From legal, insurance, business, permits, surveys, foundations, frames, roofing, dry-in, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, appliances, inspections, quality assurance, quality control, cosmetics, clean-up and completion. We can teach you the techniques to become a successful professional home-builder.You'll meet with professionals in the industry, you'll learn how to estimate a project, how to bid, and how to negotiate with subcontractors. We have an extensive quality assurance and quality control education program that will teach you how to keep your project up to code. This is a program for the serious career changer. We cover over 500 Texas Real Estate Commission classroom hours dedicated to the field of home-building, home-inspection, and quality assurance/quality control. See all you get, we offer an education like no other. This Professional Home-Building Program Includes:

Professional Builder Apprentice Program (550 hrs) 

39     hrs Advanced Owner Builder Course

6       hrs Estimating for Builders

24     hrs Q/A Q/C in the Trades
*128 hrs Home Inspections I
*45   hrs Q/A Q/C Foundation
*45   hrs Q/A Q/C Framing

*40   hrs Q/A A/C Roofing
*20   hrs Q/A Q/C Enclosure

*40   hrs Q/A Q/C Plumbing

*40   hrs Q/A Q/C Electrical
*40   hrs Q/A Q/C HVAC
*10   hrs Q/A Q/C Appliances
*10   hrs Consumer Safety & EPA
*15   hrs Standard Report Writing
*15   hrs Standards of Practice/Legal/Ethics
*6     hrs Well & Septic
21     hrs on-site visits
 6      hrs Business Practices
 6      hrs video foundation, Frame, and Energy Efficiency
Builder's Academy 500 page Owner-builder Consumer Guide
Builder's Academy Teacher Notes
Builder's Academy Estimating Guide
Real Estate Home Inspection: Mastering the Profession
2007 International Residential Code
2007 International Residential Code Study Companion
Code Check: A Field Guide to Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, & Electrical Codes

Builder's Academy Presentations:

2    hrs Video:  Foundation

2    hrs Video:  Frame

2    hrs Video:  Energy Efficiency
2     hour DVD Foundation Quality Assurance/Quality Control
2     hour Framing DVD Quality Assurance/Quality Control

"Home Building" 2400 slides (1-year access)

"Inspector's Watch" 1100 slides (1-year access)
Enter the exciting and rewarding world of professional home-building. Enroll now and get an education like no other. TREC approved material for those seeking MCE or CE credits available. Payment program available for this dynamic program.
PRO BUILDER & PRO INSPECTOR Premium Pac  Course see Inspectors courses
Estimating Course (6 hours in-class, 3 pricing class, 3 formula class )

Learn Estimating Techniques to establish budgets, confirm estimating quantities, formulas and more.
Protect yourself from getting 'hammered' by high bids.  Course provides Job Cost Codes to keep your estimate on track.  Learn different methods you can use to confirm contractors bids quickly.  Apply efficient estimating techniques to your project.
See our webstore for more courses, programs, and educational materials


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