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Inspector Training

Start Your New Career and Change your Life
With an True Education From The Builder's Academy!  
Site Inspections
Foundation Make-up
    Materials Inspections
Framing Inspections
Building Inspections
Electrical Inspections
Water Heaters Inspections
Plumbing Inspections
 Appliance Inspections
Buiding code compliance
A personal message to anyone trying to decide where to go to school for
Professional Inspector education.


            I am a graduate of Builders Academy and sincerely happy that I attended there to get my Professional Inspector education and training. There are several other schools that you could also attend but I would like to express my opinions as to why Builders Academy is the best.


The most compelling reason is focused at the “ease” of the self study curricula. While the other schools are also set up in a correspondence/self study format, Builders academy offers a degree of help that will not be available with the others. I can attest to that since I have a personal acquaintance who is having a difficult time with his studies. I can assure you that once you get into the meat of your self study routine, you will often be confronted with questions that you cannot find answers to in your study materials. At Builders Academy such difficulties can be addressed by e-mail or a simple phone call. There is a “live” person to talk to. Another issue with regard to self study is the pacing and simplicity of required exams – You take exams after you complete your study in a specific area, i.e., Foundations, Roofs, etc…, not all at once.


Another very important part of the studies at Builders Academy is the bulk of content that is provided in the form of DVD’s, online access, and workbooks with actual photographs depicting actual examples for each section being studied. I don’t mean just a few, but hundreds of real life pictures that were taken during actual inspections so you can actually see what you are reading. There is such a great deal of content offered with the curriculum that I could not possibly get into here. I can assure you that this is not available with the other schools.


Finally and to me extremely important, is the level of “Hands on” training that is available when you are ready for your Experience module. You will actually get to go out on a variety of real inspections form Whole house inspections, new construction (Phase) inspections and possible Energy audits.  When you are finished with an inspection, you will actually get to write them up and annotate photos. Of course, you will do this with Mr. Parffrey, who is a master Inspector and Builder. I can not overstate the feeling of confidence that this instills, you will be much more confident when ready to go “out on your own”. I can assure you that this level of practical immersion will not be forthcoming at any of the other schools.


As an additional note, I would suggest that you also take the Builders Academy “Builder Boardroom” course. This is particularly true for those with little or no background in areas of building construction. You will leave the course with a significant understanding of what goes into the building of a home from site selection to finish. Most importantly, you will be exposed the to a world of vocabulary you probably did not know. This will be of great help when you begin your inspector education.


Does Builders Academy cost more than other schools? The answer is “YES”, but what you will receive is much more than the other schools have to offer. In addition, you will be joining a “family”, in a personalized setting that is much more comfortable and amenable to learning. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Bryon for all that he has done for me, which I realize that oftentimes was more than he had to. By the way, I did pass my State exam on the first try.



Eugene Hoyt – A proud and thankful Builders Academy graduate
Another Success Story From a Recent Graduate!

I recently retired from the refinery.  I have always been interested in the home inspection business.  Seeing what more and more building contractors are getting away with these days, I decided that I wanted to try to help people who are building or buying homes.


 I started researching colleges that offered Professional Real Estate Inspector classes and was starting to get discouraged about what I was going to have to go through and the amount of time it was going to take to receive the required training for my State License.  I then found, on the TREC website, a list of approved courses for the training.


Upon contacting several training options, I decided to sign on with Builder’s Academy.  I am very glad and satisfied that I did.  These are good folks not only talk the talk, they walk the walk.  They are very knowledgeable, professional and you can adjust your classes to your schedule.  Being retired, I totally completed my training and received my certifications in 34 days.  This was calendar days, not class days or weekdays only.


I took my State Exam for my Professional Real Estate Inspector License, on Wednesday of this week and passed on my first attempt.


If you are interested in pursuing the inspection profession, I would highly recommend Builder’s Academy as the place to take your training.


Feel welcome to call if you have any questions.




                   J.J. (Jimbo) Polka



Become a Home Inspector!  We can Help with Placement Too!
                                                       With the continuing explosion in the new home market and record-setting existing home re-sales, the time has never been better for you to start your career as a home inspector. This in-demand profession is as important as it is necessary to protect homebuyers as they buy their dream home. Builder’s Academy can help you to start your new career – today.

Becoming a home inspector is great career choice.  Whether you want to open your own practice and business and earn unlimited income or work professionally in the field, the opportunities are open in City & County Government, Private Sector, Home Inspections for Builders, Individuals, Owner Builders, Real Estate firms and Real Estate schools, Colleges and trade schools to teach as well.


Builder’s Academy now offers you a unique opportunity to learn to become a licensed home inspector. Through our affiliation with Tomball College, you’ll learn at home and at your own pace as you learn with our home-study curriculum. The demand is as high as it’s ever been for qualified Building Inspectors. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this dynamic opportunity.

When you enroll in the Builder’s Academy Inspector’s Course, you won’t even have to quit your job! You’ll then have the freedom to study at your pace – in your spare time - or study full-time to graduate as quickly as possible. Our Inspection Course is approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission. It allows you up to nine months to complete this program from your enrollment date.

How do you get started?
First, decide how you would like to enter the profession. The Texas Real Estate Commission offers several avenues to obtain your license to become a home inspector. Go to their website at, proceed to the Home Inspector tab and decide which method is the best for you to enter the profession. Once you've determine the amount of education required, come back here and choose from the many options that we have to get you started in the field of Home Inspection.

Home Inspection I (128 Hrs correspondence + 60 Hrs In-Class)

Become A Licensed Inspector either as a Real Estate Inspector or as an Apprentice Inspector. We have the program for you. Our Home Inspector I course earns you 128 hours of credit including 8 hours of Standard of Practice/Legal/Ethics required by the state of Texas. This is a 100% correspondence course which allows you work at your own pace. In addition we also offer the 60 hour in class experience training module required to get your license. Our state-of-the-art and inter-active program makes learning interesting and enjoyable. The topics covered in this course include:
Establishing a Business
Inspection Report
Soils and Foundations
Wood construction
Heating and Ventilation
AC and Heat Pumps
Swimming Pools
Standards of Practice
Optional Items
Includes: Builder’s Academy Guide and Manual Home Inspection I
Text: Home Inspection: Mastering the Profession, Burgess
Code Check: A Field Guide to Building, Plumbing,
Mechanical & Electrical Codes.
DVDs: 4 Hours on Foundation
2 Hours on Framing
2 Hours on Energy Efficiency
TREC Approved Quizzes and Exams
(Course must be completed within 9 months of enrollment)
Most graduate in 90 days.
ONLY $2,495 including the 60 Hr Classroom Module 

Home Inspection II (320 Hours)
Home inspection course give the students an additional 320 credit hours toward obtaining the 448 hour professional Inspector fast-track training program. This course includes over 3000 annotated slides describing the complete home construction project, and numerous images depicting Home Inspection details found by home inspections in actual inspections. The topics covered in this course include:
45 hrs Foundation
45 hrs Framing
40 hrs Roofing
40 hrs Plumbing
40 hrs Electrical
20 hrs Building Enclosure
40 hrs HVAC
10 hrs EPA, CPSC & Bus.
10 hrs Appliances
15 hrs Report
15 hrs Standards of

Includes: Builder’s Academy Guide and Manual Home Inspection II
              Text: 2003 International Residential Code
                      2003 International Residential Code Study Companion
                      Ebook: Builder’s Academy Builder Slide Show (Over 3500 Slides)
                      Builder’s Academy Inspector’s Watch Slide Show (1500 Slides)
TREC Approved Quizzes & Exams
 ONLY $2.495

Professional Home Inspector Program (448 Hours + 120 Class Module)

Save over $1000 when buying complete.


Bonus Offer INCLUDES FREE TEST PREP -Prep Course with over 700 hundred test questions, SOP guidelines, and Home inspector test taking strategies - $249 value- Free with purchase of The Builder's Academy Professional Inspector Program. (Offer expires December 31st, 2008) also FREE Shipping included, So Be Wise and Order Today! 1 payment and your ready for a lifetime of education and opportunity in Inspections, Homebuilding practices and much more!  It’s a Wise Investment In Your Education! Build On A Solid Foundation with Your Education 1st!


Free Test Prep & Shipping and Handing Included!

Our Complete Professional Inspector Package which includes the 128 hour and the 320 hour courses above which totals the required 448 hours of Home Study plus the 120 hour classroom experience module to become eligible to be a Professional Inspector in the State of Texas.
ONLY $3,995.00
Payments  $1,500.00 1st,  $1,500.00 2nd,  $995.00 Final
Special One Time Payment $3,750.00
See our OPTIONAL "Tutorial for Home Inspectors" in-class upgrade for students taking the Builder's Academy Professional Inspector Program for in-class, on-site, and hands-on learning.
Payment Plan Option available for Builder's Academy Professional Inspection (448 Hour) Correspondence Program students:
Pro Builder's Pro Inspectors Course (All Inclusive 120 with Builder's Class) 

1st Payment  $1,500    Course will be shipped upon initial payment

2nd Payment $1,500    Due 30 days after first payment

3rd Payment $1.500     Due 30 days after second payment
4th payment $1.495         Due 30 days after third payment
Total for the payment plan option = $5,995
Payment Plan Option is available for the Professional Inspector program only. It’s as easy as one, two, three, and your on your way to a exciting new career! Only $1500 down and monthly payments up to 90 days.
We'll see you in class! 

Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex.  Start a new career order today!

Remember; when you enroll in a Builder’s Academy Inspector’s Correspondence Course, you won’t even have to quit your job! You’ll then have the freedom to study at your pace – in your spare time - or study full-time to graduate as quickly as possible. Our Inspection Course is approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission. It allows you up to nine months to complete this program from your enrollment date.

Tutorial for Home Inspectors (18 hrs  FAST TRAC CLASS plus On-site Inspection Education too)
NOW offering our students enrolled in the Builder's Academy "Professional Inspector Correspondence Program" an In-class and on-site "hands-on" tutorial.  We have discovered that some students wish to have hands-on training in the classroom and on-site. This face-to-face classroom tutorial option will give those students wanting these benefits the additional support they desire.  The direct student teacher contact can enhance learning for those with traditional learning styles. This tutorial will does not earn you more Texas Real Estate Commission Education Credit, but it is very helpful in keeping your correspondence study on track. This optional course reexamines the information presented in the Complete Builder's Academy "Professional Home Inspection Correspondence Program".  Students enrolled in this tutorial will also be able to observe a professional inspector perform actual inspection techniques on-site, an excellent method to really learn home-inspection techniques from a professional.
For only $495 additional fee, take our on-site, hands-on, and in the classroom, 18 hour Tutorial for Home Inspectors class. Classes in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio become a Professional Inspector in the State of Texas
       448 Hr correspondence +
       120 Hr In-Class Course  $3995
       18 hr In-Class Professional Tutorial    $  495  18 hours in class education plus on-site for $495.00
                           add    $ 400  Premium Pac Foundation DVDs, on-site visits, Guides & more
 ONLY $495.00 add the Fast TRAC Class to the home study
 ONLY $400.00 more to add the Premium Pac Advanced Education

Classes in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio - See Class Schedule for Times, Dates & Location

Provider #584, 0296  plus Partners with Tomball College Certification for Builders Academy & Tomball CE credits included!

Most Popular and Advanced Education Package: PRO BUILDER & PRO INSPECTOR PREMIUM PAC!


Advance you’re In Class, PLUS ON SITE Education with our Premium Pac for Pro Builder & Inspectors

Add to the Fast Trac package and have the following educational materials included:


Enroll in the Professional Inspector Pro Builder Program. Save over $1500 when buying the complete "Professional Home Inspector Premium Program". Includes over 1500  Q & A to prepare you for Exam, PLUS A National Inspectors Assoc. & Membership free ($289.00 value) with even more prep test on line and invest in your Builder & Inspector Education fully with this Premium Package all included plus 5 onsite inspection training field trips added On site, learn and experience on site a full Inspection adding to your Education! Learn In class + On Site + more Home Study added!


Super saver discount with bonuses added to this Premium package which values over $1,500.00 in upgrades alone you get the entire 448 plus more in class and On site Education and home study materials added PREMIUM PAC




all for only  $5,995  Premium Pro Builder & Professional Inspector Education  ONLY $5,995

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